Katie's House

A Home Built on Love

For Young Adults with Developmental or Physical Disabilities

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Katie's House is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with developmental or physical disabilities.

  • We believe that people with disabilities have the right to live, work and socialize with others of their choice who are age and ability appropriate.

  • We believe the warehousing of adults with developmental disabilities in workshops and group home facilities must change. Some may need workshops and group homes, but many do not.

  • We believe the state should not decide where or with whom a person with disabilities can live, work or volunteer.

  • We believe and stress participation in the community where these special adults can interact with the general population.

  • We also believe that families can be encouraged to develop appropriate residential housing, activities and occupational opportunities for their adult child with the help of family mentoring.

The Beginning

If you are a parent and love your child, then most likely you have celebrated your child's milestones: first step, first word, first day of school, graduation, job, marriage, or having your children have children of their own. Maybe that empty nest makes you sad, but you rejoice in your child's success and happiness.

Parents of children with disabilities also celebrate and rejoice. Those first steps may come late, but when they do, they are celebrated. Maybe words never come, but the first signs of communication are unforgettable.

For many children with special needs, school is a challenge. Yet their parents still rejoice in all their accomplishments. Then, they graduate. With great joy comes apprehension, because the challenges children with disabilities encounter as adults now reach a greater dimension. Life After 21 is now a challenge that you never thought of before.

Where do we go from here?

The Next Step

Many adults with intellectual or physical disabilities will never be able to live on their own. Katie is one of these special individuals. Her parents realized her vulnerability and their own mortality.

They asked: "Who will care for our charming daughter when we are gone? We want her to live, comfortably cared for, happy and safe. We want Katie to have a full life."

They dreamt of a Residential Home, built on love, for their daughter and other individuals with special needs.

The Dream

  • To mentor families on Housing and Entitlement Programs.

  • To support a different concept in housing and activities.

  • To encourage volunteering.

  • To seek work places, instead of sheltered workshops when possible.

  • To provide social activities for the house members and other individuals living in the community.

Young adults enjoying dance class and outdoor concert.

What makes Katie's House different?

Katie's House presently owns three residential homes; two are for women and one is for men.

Unlike state or other privately-run facilities or group homes, the residents will have a choice of who they live with. They will also be able to maintain their spot in the house even in the event of hospitalization.

All three homes are managed by an advisory board of parents, family and guardians of the house members. These homes are not group homes and are not supported by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

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